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SSN core products: (shoe artifact - Jie Kairui) for A J NB basketball shoes, all kinds of fabric price: practical effect: Jason Markk leading class seckill washing shoe care products! ! Point! Point! Master the store connection address XXX and enter the store please point me! Point! Point! spotWith the autumn winter season, Nike Sportswear, Air Max 90 also brought several new color. The design of the continuation of the Air Max 90 classic contour, and through the use of different colors of leather and suede, mesh material, inject some vitality into the upper end is equipped with the iconic Air Max 90 running shoe show. At present, the new Nike Air Max 90 Winter PRM series has been through Rakuten and other designated retailers purchased, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. nike-air-max-90-winter-prm-0001.jpg (64.98 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Max 90 Winter PRM new color 2014-10-3 08:51 upload nike-air-max-90-winter-prm-0002.jpg (62.02 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Max 90 Winter PRM new color 2014-10-3 08:51 upload nike-air-max-90 air jordan 11 space jam for sale -winter-prm-0003.jpg (50.93 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Max 90 Winter PRM new color 2014-10-3 08:51 Nike Air Max upload, 90, Winter, PRM 00immediately after yesterday's two Flyknit Roshe Run Nike new color design, today will bring more new color. First is a blue line Roshe run, the blue fabric weaving a honeycomb vamp, orange red Swoosh quite eye-catching. Finally, equipped with white natural motion depth cutting large bottom, providing flexible and comfortable wearing experience. This color will also be available for sale in two or three months. Flyknit Roshe RunNikenumber: 677243-401price: 130 euros sale channels: 43einhalb more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. source: 43einhalbat first glance thought it was outdoor boots, it is actually a pair of basketball shoes out and out. From the Jordan Ultra Fly series of second bomb works, the towering uppers and unique cheap air jordans tongue design, inspired by Air Jordan 15. In terms of mitigation technology, Zoom is still equipped with Air. Overall, Jordan Ultra Fly and the 2 generation of ghosts sharp style, far. I wonder if this is the design of Jimmy · does Butler want? recently, Nike, SB, Dunk, Low, "Wheat" color is about to be re engraved. The inspiration for this shoe comes from the design of Reese Forbes, a member of the Zoo York skateboarding team, in 2002. The new version is made of brown, with a classic white rubber sole. It is reported that the shoes will be on sale in May 25th, priced at $100.& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike's management did not expect them to give them so much trouble in the Southeast Asian region, "sweatshops" storm. This allows the world's largest sporting goods manufacturers have familiar brands, but because the reputation of the problem as far east affected sales in the United States, two or three months after the event, all aspects of pressure blowing, even Nike's management He is surprised. & Nbsp; Recently, Nike's "sweatshop" incident has once again been raised, is Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale the last place on "Measuring and managing corporate reputation," the training courses sponsored by the JF Pearson China. From Nokia, Alibaba, and some mid-level public relations firms gathered to listen to Mr. JimR.Macnamara about how to identify and protect the corporate reputation of the most valuable assets. CARMA CEO Jim is an internationally renowned authority planning and evaluation of public relations and corporate communications evaluation aspect, with over 25 years of experience in the field of media and public relations. & Nbsp; In just heard "sweatshops" event, Nike's management did not agree that their factories in Eastern countries forced workers to work overtime, and to allow workers to drink during working hours and so the fact that this is not the world's the reputation of well-known companies produce much impact, but will not affect their sales, because they feel that the emphasis on jobs than working environment Asian consumers, such a thing does not make them a tremendous response; and far Consumers in the United States, concerned only the ability to buy cheap shoes, jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black cheap labor in Asia can undoubtedly reduce costs. & Nbsp; However, the reality is far beyond their imagination, Nike's staff began to worry about in a very unethical for a company to work in the United States, consumers have begun to take to the streets, claiming they are not willing to buy cheap shoes, will buy expensive shoes, and even the United States, NGO, trade unions have also come to "join in the fun", took the opportunity to claim the Nike closed factories in Asia, because many Americans lost their job. & Nbsp; then, after two or three months, like Nike's management suddenly woke up and began to send senior Asian communication. & Nbsp; Mr. JimR.Macnamara referred to the "sweatshop" example of Nike, is to emphasize the importance of corporate reputation, even for a well-known international brands. In his opinion, the company's reputation and brand are still significant differences, and how to manage and maintain his business reputation also have its own unique insights. & Nbsp; reputation and brand are different & nbsp; "corporate reputation is the idea formed in the minds of jordans on sale online others, this idea come from their own hear, see, inferences made after reading and then be talking about this idea and spread. "Jim's reputation began with a definition of his own theory of interpretation. & Nbsp; Therefore, reputation is based on more action: that your company or organization to do what; and it is effective for the creation of brand advertising and propaganda is not established reputation, a reputation as respected as it takes to win, and the brand is an asset, a company can manufacture can have multiple brands, and reputation can only have one. Is reputation, rather than the brand, the existing employees decide whether you want to stay, whether potential employees want to join, whether government support, whether investors can be attracted and retain, whether media attention, and whether customers remain loyal to the enterprise. "Corporate sales brand and make money, you can brand, while deciding the power of life and death, but it is reputation." Subversion "triple bottom line" of "five emphasized the bottom line" & nbsp; Jim pointed out that since a long time, comp cheap foamposites anies often focus only on a layer of " The bottom line, "is the company's financial situation; later, it was suggested that the financial position, performance and community environmental performance" triple bottom line "theory, or even financial, customers, employees, the environment and the community," the five-bottom line "theory to measure corporate reputation, which in his view, are relatively rigid analysis. Previously, the problem of the theory is that they measure is a fixed reference or index. & Nbsp; "direct experience of consumers, the reputation of working partners, rumors, network, chat rooms, media (newspapers, radio, TV, outdoor advertising, direct marketing, brochures), indirect experience, geographical, religious and cultural impact may so that people form an opinion and then form the company's reputation, "Jim said, therefore, includes not only the reputation of the" triple "or" Five "and even may include: Do you trust your government and organization management; shareholder whether to trust your management; analysis teacher whether to trust your corporate strategy; h jordans on sale mens ow you treat your employees; whether you pay on time, you are responsible for the environment; you support local community organizations; you how good your product and service delivery and provide to you Consumers; you image in the media is how, if faced with a legal case, how do you deal with the crisis ...... & nbsp; "So, first find the various groups and the company's interests are closely related, they can be a consumer or customer, employee , shareholders, government, business partners, financial or industry analysts, the media theorist; and even non-governmental organizations such as environmental organizations, consumer associations, religious organizations, etc. Then, through surveys and other means to get access know what they are thinking, what they care about, what they think is the most important value. Identify these, it can be targeted to get to know these stakeholders in terms of their concern is how to look at your company to find the most likely make or break your business or organized groups, in order to identify the most critical factor driving the enterprise, then y buy cheap jordans online ou can develop the appropriate corporate strategy "& nbsp;. respect of each company to focus on is certainly different, the consumer products company may pay more attention The resulting product views, and chemical companies may be more concerned about the impact on the environment. Mr. Jim to this end gave the freshest example of Hong Kong Disneyland. & Nbsp; In the first Hong Kong Disneyland restaurant's menu, there was a "shark fin soup" dish, Hong Kong Disneyland managers unexpected, yet the park opened, the dish has been greatly spread online, Hong Kong Disney is also due to discrepancies with the image of the dish and they have been preached "animal protection" while under attack, and some companies even cut off dealings therefore keep up the Disney commercial. & Nbsp; corporate reputation management & nbsp; Jim pointed out, measure and manage corporate reputation through research to be done in two stages: First, access to a small part of the dialogue in the form of telephone or representative stakeholders; the second is through in the form of a letter or an electronic questionna Retro jordans for sale ire to do a wider range of investigations, such investigations usually once a year, and some may be six months. The issue may be included from important to unimportant level selection; and open-ended questions, and give enterprises scored. Question should also include where they are drawn from their point of view, it is the personal experience, media, network, or convention or conference. & Nbsp; In addition, Mr. Jim also highlighted the importance of media analysis. "At present, many domestic companies in public relations for the company to do the media Shihai only stay in the statistical analysis of press volume level, and in fact, the media analysis should include many aspects, which determine the target audience, market and related media; articles and photos It appeared in the media location and size; the statistics appear in the media positive information and negative information; Competitors appear in the media frequencies and conditions, etc. & nbsp; foreign enterprises see Chinese companies, many by the entire Chinese The reputation of the decision, especially as such a large s jordan 3 katrina 2018 tate-owned enterprise, CNOOC, Jim finally fell to the topic CNOOC bid for Unocal. "CNOOC should be announced after the acquisition of more please some US reporters, industry analysts firsthand look at this company CNOOC After all, for American companies to acquire a Chinese enterprise, American reporters, industry analysts are important stakeholders and their views will be formed around a large extent to the United States in terms of CNOOC's reputation views. "Low-key elegance, potted brother The Weeknd X PUMA XO Parallel new color will debut! 2017-11-09 14:15:37 Canadian singer songwriter The Weeknd, the XO series launched by PUMA and PUMA XO Parallel, are quite successful. Recently, the official issued the The Weeknd X PUMA XO Parallel black color matching. The shoes are made of suede, and they are full of texture. The metal zipper on the back of shoes is full of fashionable flavor under the practical premise. Potted brother himself also feet up, demonstrating their own understanding of the shoes to wear. It is reported that this shoes will be on sale in November 11th, please do not miss the interested friends.yesterday, the shoe section of the sample figure out, today to enjoy a more elaborate HD view. Nike kobe 9 elite low University Red/Black color to red flyknit material is the vamp, and to modify the white swoosh, then black outsole and carbon fiber plate as the bottom of the frame, it is worth mentioning is shoelaces and large at the bottom are used in the same theme the splash ink design. It is reported that this shoe will be officially launched in September 13th in the form of limited edition. attention more sneakers tidbits relevant information and NBA players, as in the slam dunk, welcomed the public subscription number, micro channel search DUNKHOME, subscription surprise, daily guess shoes to play the game, beauty and your various interactive Oh! Micro-blog search dunk home, understand the latest information. source: solecollector[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] According to foreign reports, sports brand Adidas Olympic products have achieved sales targets in the UK, UK fans queuing up to buy the British team T-shirts, shirts, British flag and so on. Adidas CEO Heiner said total sales of their products have been up to the Olympic 100 million pounds ($ 156 million), and is still being continued selling. Adidas sales have recovered the London Olympic Games and relevant market ? 100 million investment. Heiner also said that sales of the London Olympic licensed products has tripled in the Beijing Olympic Games, from a commercial point of view, the London Olympics Adidas sales of the most successful ever. Traditionally, sporting goods manufacturers do not contest the Olympic Games and the soccer par, such as the 2012 European Cup, Adidas soccer products bring a record 1.6 billion euros ($ 2 billion) in sales revenue. Adidas Olympic athletes and volunteers to provide 3 million of equipment, the 2014 Olympic Games in Brazil, Ada Meredith is no longer sports official partner, they will focus on sales of World Cup 2016, will also be in Brazil hold. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)Vans California Era "Chambray Polka" shoes release 2013-12-08 23:30:05 recently, the famous skateboard brand Vans's high-end line Vans California launched a wave of design Vans Era, designer of the splicing technique, with light blue with green grass, and Wakubo Rei felt very little wave design also makes this Vans Era very fashion taste. This shoe is very suitable for summer wear, Xiaobian for everyone strongly recommend this shoe, it is learned that this Vans Era will be on the shelves in the near future, like friends do not miss. Air Jordan 6 "Maroon" OG or will sell 2015-06-29 14:27:24 Jordan Brand has more than one time to OG elements as a selling point, for us on a pair of classic shoes, so that many sneaker clean out the wallet for it. The day before the network once again exposed the news, the brand will be released Air Jordan 6 "Maroon" OG! The shoes are made of white leather, red dotted with details, followed by the first year Nike Air embroidery. The overall distribution of a strong retro flavor, but there is no specific shoe sales information exposed, we will do follow-up reports, but also please pay more attention to our follow-up reports.