Shimano ultegra 6800 (hereinafter referred to as UT) and SRAM force 22 (hereinafter referred to as the force) is today's highest selling highway suite, a parallel price has a very high price. If you are UT or FORCE choose to worry about, this article will tell you their characteristic, help you make more suitable for your choice. UT and FORCE are Shimano and SRAM each time the top rank suite, second only to Dura-Ace and RED, are 11 speed kit. UT substation, FORCE single plate and hydraulic brake, because there is no comparison, so it does not discuss. The domestic price is too confusing, here is not too much to introduce. is a suite of two hand to use the biggest difference, not on cheap jordan shoes for men ly holding the feeling is not the same, the transmission way is also completely different. The transmission mode Shimano STI is through the brake, and the brake handle inside the paddles, for exit block. Front derailleur for market and rear derailleur change greatly flywheel used is brake handle to drive transmission, and the brake is through the brake to pull back, medial paddle is for small cap or small flywheel. Shimano's mechanical variable speed highway package, which is used in such a way. use the supporting polymer wire tube, in the suite of mechanical transmission, ut variable feel very light derailleur exit block to a greater extent is almost the same. As long as the inst Retro jordans for sale allation is correct, the transmission system in the normal state, the precision of the transmission is very high, almost can not change the speed of failure. compared to the previous UT 6700, UT 6800 of the hand, the volume of the change of the head is much smaller, and Dura-Ace 9000 has the same shape. So it will be easier to hold in hand, especially for smaller riders hands. By hand to the top of the screw, you can adjust the brake and the bend to the distance, in order to adapt to the size of the different hand. DoubleTap SRAM is at the exit block operation through a shift lever. Through the swing distance of different control into gear or reverse gears and some short change to Cheap air jordans for sale small or small flywheel, long swing is to the market or the flywheel. SRAM all mechanical transmission highway suite is the transmission mode. The lever and shift paddles from bending the distance are independently adjustable, rather than two adjustment. both STI and DoubleTap have a lot of fans, have their own advantages, but also have their own defects. STI may miss the brakes in the transmission, DoubleTap has the potential to change the wrong file, especially when the body is very tired. So the best way is to go to the store or car riders to experience, know yourself more love or for which transmission mode. But there is a little DoubleTap can do.Nike Roshe Run "Dynamic Flywire Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping " series released 2013-12-08 23:10:25 In addition to the endless stream of new colors, popular shoes & nbsp; Nike Roshe Run has officially released the loading & nbsp; dynamic range Dynamic Flywire fly line technology. The release of the series contains three different colors, this & nbsp; Nike Roshe Run & nbsp; originally Jiaogan it is very outstanding, this time once again to load dynamic fly line, but will greatly enhance the parcel, played a sense of menace . before the famous team HaveAir Customs customized sneakers for us to bring a new customized products, the designers selected to Air & nbsp; Jordan 1 was modeled to well-known brand The Gold Gods necklace as cheap foamposites a source of inspiration. Black shoes for the tone, the choice of gold detail, to shoes to create a good atmosphere of street fashion, and through a special build of a shoebox, the use of The Gold Gods of Logo rendering inspired theme. Nike Air Trainer Huarache new colors now available 2014-12-19 17:00:29 A few days ago again for its classic shoes Nike Air Trainer Huarache released one pair of the latest color, overwhelmed by the designer to create a dark blue suede material shoes, gray with bright yellow modified details, but also brings color shoes sense of contrast on the whole masculine shoes full, perfectly demonstrated its own proper character, and decorated gauze mesh uppe cheap jordans for sale rs, shoes adds more mysterious meaning. It is reported that the shoes have landed some of the designated retail sale, priced at $ 125, interested friends may wish to look at it. & nbsp; Air Jordan 3 "Katrina" or the sale 2014-02-24 21:01:08 This pair of red dotted Air Jordan 3 "Katrina" was originally intended to commemorate Hurricane Katrina in 2006 and the birth of the deceased, after a limited auctions donations. Recently there are rumors that this color will be listed for sale on March 8 this year, priced at $ 170, this way is very much worth the wait.[Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] Adidas (stores) think they have found the shoes in the field of the "next cheap jordans online big hair (stores) now." And the company does not mean to declare this to the world. If its goal is to catch up with Nike, it should be the case. at the Javits Convention Center (Javitz Center), an ornate conference, Adidas product executives gushed about their new "Energy Boost" running shoes, said the product is tantamount to give bring a revolution in the field of running shoes. According to the arrangement, this shoe on February 27 in the Global Offering. Faced with a group of reporters from North America, Europe and Asia, Adidas Global Brand President Eric & middot; Li Deke (Eric Liedtke) declared that it would be "a new chapter" in the field began running shoes, these s cheap jordans for sale mens hoes will be the perfect place balance comfort and energy. Their ideas that the sole is a large number of small balloon composite structure, which can provide a coherent energy and elasticity, which is designed to provide long-lasting and balanced stretch in long-distance runners during running. Adidas executives said, after three years of research and development of this technology is unique, but they did not respond to questions about their particular patent. The company's marketing plan: by Adidas store and different professional running appliance chain, the Energy Boost (retail price of $ 150) to regularly engage in sports or exercise treadmill consumers. Advertising the comp Retro jordans for sale any will be very limited, not running TV ads planned. If the market feedback is good, the company will allocate more of your advertising budget in order to carry out a more extensive retail promotions. Adidas Americas president Patrick & middot; Nielsen (Patrik Nilsson), said: "Our idea is that the need to launch more large-scale retail sales of time, and then spend millions to advertise." Adidas plans to eventually for all sports footwear - basketball shoes, tennis shoes, with the balloon technique, called "Boost" of. But Nelson said, now running shoes Adidas products have the greatest growth opportunities of product categories. This view may be true: according to the field of s Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ports apparel tracking firm SportsOneSource, Adidas has just a 4.4% share of the global market, running shoes, and did not change much compared to two years ago. However, market leader Nike has mastered 54% of the share. In the entire athletic footwear market, Adidas fared slightly better, with a 8.6% share, but this is only include brands, including Nike, Jordan, occupied sixth share. SportsOneSource analyst Matt & middot; Powell (Matt Powell) believe, Energy Boost concept will bring help, but because the market is highly fragmented shoes - simple style running shoes, super lightweight running shoes, fashion shoes, cross-country running shoes - no one term technology may subvert the entire industry. Powell said: "Retailers said that this is a good project, but I do not think it can subvert the rules of the game." Regardless of the actual quality of this new running shoes (the consumer will ultimately pass judgment) how, Adidas This promotion is in line with its modern strategy - will serve as a promotion for young innovators themselves, proficient users of technology. 40-year-old middle-aged Adidas store in New York, then wandering, are unlikely to find themselves too familiar. In Wednesday's briefing, Li Deke dress and Stephen & middot; Jobs like jeans and a black shirt (though not round lapel), he said that Adidas had "cracked the code" to find out how to achieve comfort and energy in most running shoes excellent combination. Several young, an assistant Adidas dress holding Energy Boost shoes, came with him to the stage and the audience. In order to make contact with Apple's more perfect, the company even distributed free mini iPad to the audience. Of course, Apple's stock price continued to decline recently. Therefore, as a business, you more reason to continue to convince the public, let them believe that you can always come up with products to cool. But you really cool not cool to have the final say by them. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)following yesterday's "Laser" version of the Dub Zero Jordan, the official re emergence of new work, is still a member of the 30 anniversary of the Brand Jordan series. Overall to water green as the main colors to create, details the light green and black dotted, deep in shallow overall sense is clear, in the bottom of the ink dress and upper laser pattern for overall effect considerably. number: 311046-330release date: March 7, 2015 hair price: $160 when the identification of hot line of guest shoes, to support Ma fight against fakes!! Immediately search Apple App store to download and install the artifact APP-- artifact when the guest artifact!! WeChat search "dunkhome", micro-blog search "when the guest"!! source: NIKE